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Wierd Stamping on Front Plate

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Attached is the Plate in question and the hand punched 1977. I've removed the plate as the car is going in for restoration and would like to know if anyone has a plate with such messy manual punching like this. Its just very curious. Am thinking of getting a new plate, this one is messed up with all the scratches and, masking failures and pitting.



I would keep it personally, it adds character ;)


Indeed its looks like someone just did that themselves.

The annoying thing is, these plates are NLA.  I wanted to get them remade, and even made up a template, but couldn't t find a metal printing place to manufacture some.

Id just hang onto it, as I dont reckon you will find another you can have stamped neatly!


It looks like this company still has them available:

Expensive though.



Just be aware that this company does not do reverse number stamping like the originals.  The numbers will be stamped from the top.  Mercedes did the reverse stamping so the plate would lie flat on the area it was riveted to.  When you have one that is stamped from the top down the metal plate will have a bow in it once it's riveted to the car due to the downward stamped numbers making contact before the rest of the plate. 


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