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What do chiefs of gypsy clans in France like to drive ?

Started by Denis, 10 December 2005, 12:40 PM


Hi fellows,

First, I swear that this truly happened to me today. Second, you must know that french law allows gypsies to settle temporarily in certain places, in certain towns. Most people dont talk to them. These gypsies are into big caravans and big cars to pull them.

So this afternoon, I find two guys looking at my 350SE parked on the street. The two scruffy guys said (in a difficult to understand french): nice car, I like, want to sell it ? without giving the chance to answer, one adds 1000 bill ? 2000 ? no, OK 1000 and a carpet, you know for your wife !

Carpet I said ? yes, nice gipsy carpet from middle-east, high quality, last forever...what you say hey, what you say ? I finally politely told them that I was not interested now and already have a carpet taht my wife liked but would... think about (had to get away from them). So that was that.

Then one said : 116 is a CHIEF car ! our chief has one and teh otehr guy asks me to come to the nearby street near the "gypsy trailer park". I politely did so. There were huge black marks on the ground.

THAT said one guy is why I want 350SE, looks like our chief car made the marks, he has 6.9 !!!


From France


SORRY guys

I forgot the best part. one gypsy said :

"Chief paid 10 carpets for 6.9"




Thanks for the early Sunday chuckle!  :lol:

I referred the URL for this tale to another (very new) 116 forum I visit -
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Whatever people say.
W116 is the best MERCEDES ever because it's the only MERC ever to get european COTY (car of the year).


Hi Hokman

In retrospect, I think that the W116 got top marks EVERYWHERE : Europe, America, etc...

It was the first Mercedes to be superior to its competitors in the saloon world: Jaguar XJ6, BMW 730, Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler Imperial, ZIL (Russia) :-)

Noisier than a Rolls but so much more fun to drive. Unfortunately, they hashad corrosion problems after a while but here is a well kept secret that I got last year from an "expert" mechanic dealing with "prestige" cars only : Rolls Royces also rust pretty badly after 30 years (Astons are better).

The W116 was the first affordable top level, world class car.


Paris, France