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What a shame

Started by marku, 07 June 2022, 10:21 AM


That's the thing about customizing a car, isn't it?  You're going to infuriate some purists.  I would argue it's part of the whole point of doing it.  Making a statement that you KNOW will be a little polarizing.

It's like punk rockers in the 1970's and '80's.  It's not like they thought most people would love the way they looked, or they hoped everyone would feel comfortable with the way they looked.  If everyone would have loved it they wouldn't have dressed that way.  The shock value was part of the whole exercise.

I build a lot of custom cars.  Some for myself, but mostly because it's my job.  I don't slam things and fit airbags, because I demand a car that corners and handles and brakes and does all the thing a car is supposed to do, but that's just ME.  And it doesn't mean I don't get fifteen emails a month from people telling me I am a butcher for sullying some vehicle they think should be seated at the right hand of the father.

When I'm done with my 280SE, I will post photos of it, and I hope it is received well.  I suspect it actually might be received well.  But when I post the photos I also fully expect to get some shade slung my way, and if I do, I will not lose any sleep over it.  Frankly, I would be more worried if I didn't.

There are plenty of w116's around, and yours belongs to YOU.  You can do anything you want to it.  That's awesome.  But mine is mine, and Jose's w116 is Jose's.  And that's what makes the automotive hobby such an involving and varied tapestry.

Rock on, Jose.