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W116 Such Gas Hogs. Why ?

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Still considering rescuing a 1973 450 SEL.
It’s my understanding that these are quite thirsty when it comes to petrol.(12 mpg).
I would use it as a weekend putter so it wouldn’t be drinking too bad.
At least as a low compression engine it should do well on non ethanol regular gas.
Anyone have some ideas on why they were such consumers ??
Thanks for your thoughts.

12mpg is more 6.9 territory.   A well sorted 450 should be getting better than that.

12mpg for a 450 is quite a lot.

I think 13 is the worst I ever got in regular use, and normally closer to 14.5 - 14.7. That's on a euro engine.

But yeah, they're hungry however you look at it.

That time period emissions control systems were crude and usually at the expense of performance.

You should be measuring smiles/miles instead.

Do the 450 SELs run better on low ethanol gas? Where do you find that?


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