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W116 Such Gas Hogs. Why ?

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--- Quote from: revilla on 20 July 2021, 09:20 PM ---I hate when my accountant asks these type of questions. Wives/girlfriends have that bad habit too.  Calculating and knowing fuel consumption figures and total repair/maintenance expenses in my mind is inversely proportional to the pleasure level of owning classic cars. I personally prefer ignoring them.

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...and insurance companies, too.

I'm currently going through a soap drama level back and forth with my insurance company to get my agreed value insurance renewed. All these records suddenly became very helpful.

Nice thing is they shoved a tractor engine in for a couple of years ;)

I drive a good mix of city and highway... and I don't drive slowly. 24MPG average.

Sure, I'm not beating anyone who's trying through an intersection, but that's not what any W116 is about.  I don't find myself needing to go over 105MPH too often either.

Yes, the petrol cars are quieter and more refined... but a OM617 running properly really does demonstrate why folks spent so much money on these cars back in the day -- and the soothing agricultural whir exhibits a certain je ne sais quoi. The difference between a tired engine with collapsed mounts vs a minter with everything fresh is astonishing.

Sorting any of these cars out to the point where everything feels and works as new isn't cheap, but once you're there, the operating costs of the 300SD are COMICALLY inexpensive. There are so many rough examples out there, but if you can find a good one, it's a phenomenal classic car hack.


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