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W116 S270 CDI

Started by Jackhammer, 02 April 2024, 10:03 AM


Hi everyone!

This forum helped me A LOT with my W116, so i finally decided to share with you all my project.

I bought mine W116 300SD in 2018. It sat since 2005 in a garage, and was in a quite sad condition. Many parts missing, interior was dirty, all seat springs were shot. Brakes seized, shocks non-existent, half of the ac components non existent etc. But the worst crime,- engine converted to naturally aspirated om617, with 4 speed manual box.

Since it wasn't nowhere near it's original state, I was inspired to make something interesting out if it, Over the years I sourced most of the missing parts, completely overhauled braking system, as well as suspension and interior. I always had another mercs, and did engine conversions for my self and other people,- mostly to om60x engines, with performance injections pumps. But I personally don't like the powerband of IDI engines, so om612 CDI was chosen. I chose om612 instead of om613 mostly due to space constraints.
I started with the conversion in July of 2023. My goal was not to hack up the chassis and/or body, and to look as original as possible from the outside to the untrained eye. After lots and lots of fabrication, trial and error, as well as tinkering with the wiring, - engine is in the place, mated to 6 speed manual gearbox, powering the 2.47 rear end.

It's not done yet, I still need to clean up the wiring, hide the ecu, connect the AC system, and a sea of other bits and pieces, (interior and exterior wise) but it's finally coming together.

I will deliver some high quality photos, as well as videos,- as soon as i have it registered and pretty much complete


Great project!

How did a 300sd end up in Siberia?
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Beautiful! And a 6 speed!  Please keep posting progress.
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Quote from: rumb on 02 April 2024, 12:38 PMGreat project!

How did a 300sd end up in Siberia?

Not Siberia, Serbia, very different country  ;D
at that time, it was Yugoslavia, and the first owner was government of Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, I  don't know it's history. It was probably used for high profile politicians, or secret police

Thank you raueda1! Will do, as I'm slowly finishing up. The 6 speed box is soo smoother and more precise than 5 speed, however it comes with it's cons, that being no mechanical speedo reading