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w116 rally car???

Started by Freiheit, 27 August 2006, 01:29 PM


Hey all, I was doing some more research (looking at cars is better than porn!) on my possible purchase of a 280SE and I found this:

The original page is gone, but the Google Cache still works. Is there other information or pictures available regarding the w116 and rally racing?


Quote from: Freiheit on 27 August 2006, 01:29 PM
... (looking at cars is better than porn!) ...

Ha!   ;D  I thought I was the only one of that opinion! Pity the scumbags that infest this (and other) forums with their pathetic wares could only get the message!

Quite frankly, at my (late middle) age, I find my Benzes much more fun than porn. (After all, if you've seen two stick movies, you've seen 'em all.)
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Can't recall where I last saw anything about it: I do believe that a W116 or two, were prepared for one of the London to Sydney Car Rallys.

The bumpers were at that time replaced with alloy 'tracks' that would be used to drive along should the car be bogged in sand or other loose surfaces.

This could explain the look of the car in the web site to which you referred.

Anyone else know more of the car about which I have a vague recollection?


Didn't that MBSpy site have info on it. I don't have the link sorry.

Quote from: OzBenzHead on 27 August 2006, 05:39 PM
Pity the scumbags that infest this (and other) forums with their pathetic wares could only get the message!

:o Fine!! I'm off then :P :D
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Quote from: styria on 28 August 2006, 02:35 PM...we have a new member called POORNOO-we should give him, or her, a fair go.

Fair go at what, dear friend?  These scumbags register on forums such as this so that their spambots can harvest our e-mail and other contact addresses.  I never used to get any spam via the address I use on Benz forums, but in recent times it has built up to 20-30 a day (not an enormous quantity given that my ozbenzhead address is used on five forum boards, but enough to give me the irrits).  Although I have excellent spam filter systems installed so that spam doesn't actually infest my regular mailboxes, the crap is placed in a special spam mailbox so that I can keep an eye on how well it's functioning.

I'm no prude (I could probably shock many of the regulars should I choose to do so!), and have no objection to porn per se; what I do object to is the gratuitous, unsolicited, and indiscriminate delivery of the stuff.  If I were to ask for it then it's a different situation.

Spammers also have a nasty habit of circulating malware (viruses and the like).  This is not a functional or security problem for Macintosh users, as the Mac is bulletproof (yay! virus-free zone here!); but users of the Windoze operating system are at serious risk of virus and spyware attacks from these ****holes.  Better be sure all your anti-virus systems are up to date (daily!) and that you have very sound firewalls to prevent spyware harvesting those nice little numbers you send to the bank.

I unmitigatedly detest spam of all kinds: like junk snailmail and unsolicited cold-canvassing over the phone, it is an unwarranted and unjustifiable intrusion upon my space.

So no 'fair go' from me for anyone using a handle like POORNOO: a pox upon them all!

Rant over.   ::)

BTW, styria: I've not been to the PO this week, so shall go check my box today.
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Geez!! I didn't realise that's one way how email addresses are harvested.  I used to be up to date with computers but that's gone by the wayside.  It's a pity legislation and ISP's worldwide aren't more assertive.  I remember a few years back a US ISP blocked any emails from Ozemail due to its servers propogating spam.

BTW, has anyone got that MBSpy site, In still can't find it?
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s class

I'm a huge rally fan, and yet I was never aware of a W116 being rallied.

Mercedes had had little to do with rallying since some efforts in the Monte and similar with finnies in the 60's.  Then in 1980 the factory decided to make a comeback on the World Rally Championship with a big-budget effort.  They prepped 450SLC5.0 's and hired Hannu Mikkola and other heroes.  They did things like precautionary maintenance in very limited time.  They even replaced rear axles (as an entire assembly of rear subchassis with trailing arms, diffs, sideshafts, calipers and dampers) in about 20mins as a precaution.  Sadly the cars were just too big and heavy and frankly, too poorly handling to compete with Lancia Stratos, Ford Escort and Fiat 131 Abarth.  They managed some credible results only by brute financial muscle. 

That was it in the WRC, but in 1981 and 1982 they competed in the London-Syndey in 280E W123's.  Altogether better choice than the 450SLC5.0.  At one time a 280CE was also used.  The driver line-up included Colin Cowan. 

And yes, those W123's are the cars that had the mud racks mounted in place of bumpers.

I'm not sure that Mercedes ever endorsed a W116 rally programme, but I think the cars are probably more suitable than the C107. 

My 3c worth


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I see a GoPro mount. Any footage of it in rally mode ?


Craig on the OzBenz forum uses a W116 to do some rallying along with teaching his young son to handle the car. Only amateur stuff but his W116 gets thrashed and just keeps on going!!!
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