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W116 NOS headlights

Started by floyd111, 03 July 2024, 02:13 AM


Quick question..

I had a look online, and I don't know if this is a google issue, but I could not find a pair of affordable NOS head lights.
Best I saw was 1800usd for the pair, which is insane.

Any comments on that?
Thanks so much!


You can find decent used ones on ebay all day long.  No need to drop big coin on NOS in my opinion.
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I had all four reflectors and lenses of the W108 restored at Reflektorklinik in Germany for about 1/3rd of that money, and I am very pleased with them. I think the W116 should be even cheaper as the lenses aren't glued to the reflectors, so they would only charge for restoring the reflectors.
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a couple of pairs asking @$1400. 

Prices range from that to obscene.

With patience one could find a single for $4-500 I think.

NOS is for high end resto so everything looks new.
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