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Hi guys,

Having a lazy Sunday, I made a short video of the state of my 6.9.

I bought this car 20 years ago or so, and the works on it have been chronicled since I joined the forum in 2007 or something.  It reached a point Im pretty happy and hence, dont post too much over the last few years (the current project is a s123 280te).

anyway, thats the current state of my 6.9


Jan S:
Nathan, what a great car!

You have obviously done a lot of work on the car over the years. And the result is stunning!

Beautiful car, Nathan. Only a few numbers behind mine (6475), so made around the same time.
I hope that you enjoy many more miles.

Great video.  Beautiful labor of love.  You mentioned many details that I had never heard before.  For example my rear window is bubbled like it's delaminating in the bottom center.  I was confused until your video.  You didn't mention it, I assume you replaced the door over the spare tire (mine sags).  Did you replace the glove box liner?

Looks fantastic, new light lens make a huge difference.


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