Author Topic: Unusual 280S parts car I saw here in South Africa  (Read 728 times)

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Unusual 280S parts car I saw here in South Africa
« on: 13 January 2011, 12:14 AM »
I'm actively looking for a 280SE parts car.  This week I answered a classified ad for a car that turned out to be a 280S when I got there.  I would still consider a 280S if it ticks the right boxes on the checklist though. 

It is a very late 1980 car, but the most unusual colour combo I've seen.  Interior was green leather (which I've never seen before), and the exterior was petrol green/blue.  Although the paint was in an exceedingly poor condition, I thought it to be original, as I could see no evidence of a colour change in the engine bay or anywhere else. 

I'm a bit disappionted to report that I've just looked up the colour code (881) and it turns out the car was originally 'silberdistel', not 877-petrol.  It means that when the colour change was done somewhere along the line, someone obviously spent a lot. 

Sadly the car has no paperwork, is fairly rusted and shows the most extensive interior sun damage I've ever seen.  Mileage is 439000km, so it didn't tick too many of the boxes on my requirements list.

Howver the car is close to me and very cheap, so I would still consider it if someome really wants some of the unusual parts on it.  It is manual transmission, manual window cranks so it has the console zebrano wood with no cutouts in it - and actually in passable condition. 

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Re: Unusual 280S parts car I saw here in South Africa
« Reply #1 on: 13 January 2011, 01:30 AM »
Sorry to hi-jack yr thread, s class...

This is the Euro 280 S A/T I told you about. As the rest of you might know, it is very rare to find a 116 in South Africa that was not locally built - especially a 280 S - AND in RHD.
It is a very early model - VIN ending at 11350. It also has the yellowish dash wood - which is still good.
330 000kms and really sad state - however, no rust.
He is keen to sell, and apparently has another one on blocks - still licensed - also willing to sell.
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