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"Thirsty Merc" - The Band

Started by oscar, 08 November 2007, 07:51 PM


Isn't that a 126SEC he's running past in those top piccies?


Oh shit I think you're right.  Did I say 107? ::)
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QuoteApparently, the "thirsty merc" car was a '79 merc.  A ninemsn interview says so, but Rai doesn't devulge much else.

I bet SELfor50/Cam has it, and it goes by the name of ol'smokey...
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Hahahah.... yep - I bought it off Rai...

He's a good bloke!


Driving into Perth CBD today and see that "Thirsty Merc" are playing at the Ascot race Course after one of the races soon.

I'll pay more attention the next time I go past the billboard.