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"The Truth about Cars" reports on the Big 6.9.

Started by, 02 June 2011, 11:58 AM



Great read bud, that's awesome.  Good to see them offer props about the durability and how lap times compared to fastest car weren't 'too' far off.

Nice one bud.

We are looking at a track in Calfornia called Thunder Hill.  It is the fastest track on the Lemons circuit.  I just don't have the drivers to make a go of it.

Any of you ozzies want to come over, drive the 44 hours to the track and race her for 16 hours?  I'll kick in for some of the fees $$$. 

You'll need a 4 man team.  I may be able to send one of my drivers who know the rules and the procedures to keep the car on track.

The secret to winning these events is to just keep the car on the track.

Contact your mates and see who is ready for an adventure.  Shit the car is free!



That is a great read and seemed like heaps of fun. I would have loved to have been a part of it.
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That write up created a bit of "Barfing" on the M100 site but I think it is great for the ongoing reputation of the 6.9.



Hahahah... yeah, there'll always be the purists who think that every Mercedes ever made should have Eleventy Billion $$ spent to revive it.

It's a case of realising potential and letting the ol' girls have some fun before they head to that big carpark in the sky.

WTF?  Listen to me.. hahah... nah, you find a 6.9 with a decent donk but everything else is trashed and it's a banger, drive it like it's stolen and have some fun.  It's testament to how well they were built.

Gomer, I'd be half keen apart from the fact that any $$ spent on flights will delay the re-build of my 6.9 racecar... so unfortunately it's a negative.

BUT, if you're deadset genuine - post up over on and with a link to your article (I already posted it over there for some comments) and you may just find some lad's crazy enough or in the US around the same time.