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Some people have got deeper pockets than others...

Started by Ferryman, 06 April 2004, 06:50 AM


Just lost out on a set of W116 manuals on eBay  :( , I gave up when the price hit $200, they topped out at $232.  :shock:

you win some, you lose some, and some you just gotta walk away from. :wink:



That is a great find :shock: Reminds me why I check eBay every couple of days.
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Nilo AMG

Hey Dave, a hell of a buy!! Congrats!



Wow, here I am thinking I was the only one. :roll:  Ebay's great for the odd part.  I'd hate to brag, but then again this little buy is too good not to tell.

I've been wanting to get hold of an owners manual and finally got one with all pages complete but most loose from their binding.  The auction also had a few original receipts of a 77 450sel 4.5L.  It came with a maintenance manual and Becker Europa and Mexico instruction booklets and service guides plus two warranty tickets wiring diagram and swing tickets off the 450sel when new.  All this for Aus$15.

To my delight the second photo shows a recently finished item on Us Ebay of Europa II booklet plus the rest which I have.  This lot sold for US$175.00.  Are they really worth that much?  Hope so.
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