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Shop recommendations near Phila PA

Started by Fixedgear, 13 March 2023, 02:25 PM


Hi, I'm the new owner of a 1978 350SE purchased on bring a trailer. Originally sold in W Germany, window cranks and a/c, so far so good. I'd love for it to start on the first try but not go broke in the process. It always starts, but never on the first go. There were 8 used plugs and a distributor cap so I'm guessing someone started trying stuff, okay now it has good spark but I'm afraid that 45 year old Bosch mechanical fuel injection might need some love. Who can you recommend? Thanks. It's silver green, velour interior.

Pete LaVerghetta
Near Philly
1978 350SE


Nice color and great interior (except the wood).

If the car runs fine but just problem starting I would look at new injectors and possibly the trigger points.

Is it just cold starts or also warm?

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'77 6.9 Euro
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Both cold and warm/hot. I was hoping it was stale gas from sitting, the tank was pretty low so it took many gallons of premium but doesn't seem to be getting any better or worse. Gas mileage seems alarmingly low, I wasn't expecting much but this is single digits.