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Seat Belt Tensioners

Started by ABHSEL, 31 August 2022, 05:34 PM


Hello folks. Just signed up for this website after seeing the site mentioned in the chat for a BaT listing of a 1977 450SEL. Not sure if this is the correct place or manner in which to post a question, but I'll give it a go. Have a 1980 450SEL here in Canada my late father bought new. Very low kms. Metallic Gold with brown leather interior. Excellent original condition. Couple minor issues I'd like to deal with. Seat belt tensioners have lost their spring and are either stuck or won't recoil. Can these be repaired or replaced easily? Back seat leather is in perfect shape but horsehair padding is spongy. What to do about that? I'm sure these issues have been covered before, but not exactly sure how I access info about them. Look forward to getting assistance from those of you in the know. Thanks very much.


I have yet to use these folks but plan on doing so.

They even remove the tags on the belts and sew them back on.

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