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Started by marku, 05 July 2022, 05:17 AM


1974 450SE silver green/bamboo velour/green vinyl roof


Great article, thanks for posting!  When I was a kid a friend's dad had a 280SE cabrio.  It was beyond anything I could imagine - all those acres of leather! Even the dash, the door trim, and the wool carpets, and that wonderful smell.  And it was so smooth!  So, seeing that Mercedes-vs-Ford ad is pure gold, I'd long since forgotten about it.  But the video recalled it all.  Having ridden in a Benz I still remember how absolutely ridiculous it seemed at the time.  It's a scream to see it again.  Nice to see R&T take up the cause of these wonderful cars.  Which is nice.  Cheers,
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Excellent write up. I'm so glad this is my first Mercedes.  8)
'77 280se


Fun article. Not very well researched (w126 'E' class, only LWB after '77, etc.), but hopefully it gives the w116 some much deserved attention!


Yes the more the better and if it goes any way nearer to informing the ignorant and prejudiced so much the better. Three cheers for Road & Track.
1974 450SE silver green/bamboo velour/green vinyl roof


Your playlist sound so good.