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Restoration of #2180 - and a period review of the 6.9

Started by js1sj, 17 May 2023, 05:39 PM


After many years of sorting the mechanicals, which are now done, I am in the process of cosmetic restoration. Having secured NOS dash, door panels, and new leather and carpet from GAHH, i am excited to finally get this on the road. I will post updates/photos as i progress in these final stages, just wanted to add to the forum that another 6.9 will be back in good repair. Being a Nevada car, it has NO rust which has made things go much easier.

The car has an interesting history, as it was owned by Bill Harrah. In his biography, he refers to this specific car several times, noting it as the best sedan of the time. This is remarkable as his collection of cars was legendary, and he also owned the Ferrari and Mercedes dealerships in Reno. #2180 appears to be one of the earlier US spec cars i know of, but as has been noted in recent posts, the M100 forum registry is not easily accessible. Harrah made some modifications to the car, which i will be keeping, despite the inaccuracies to a factory 6.9 or w116. These include custom made electric side view mirrors, which appear to be hand cast and tailored to this w116 chassis.

You can read about his review of the Mercedes 6.9 and its place in the historic Mercedes lineup, as well as his goal of creating a car museum - which is now the basis of the National Auto Museum in Reno in the link below.



That is amazing. Bravo to you. What a gem to have an interview with him where he mentions the car specifically, and more importantly in-period.
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Wow, great to hear, thanks for sharing. That is amazing that you own that specific car, what an incredible testament considering his taste in vehicles. We are pretty close on Vin, I am 2170, a US spec sold originally in Ohio. Mine is also a very early spec and had a non-wood covered ashtray (black vinyl).

Can't wait to hear and see more!


Sound nice. Looking forward to some pictures.
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Thanks for the well wishes. This project has been delayed for several years due to several critical M100 specific NLA parts that i was finally able to locate. I'm sure we are all familiar with that issue.