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Re: My car's security system as BETTER THAN YOURS

Started by michaeld, 24 February 2006, 05:39 AM


I posted this pic in the gallery and linked it here just for fun:
The nice thing about my car's security system is that I didn't have to consult any wiring diagrams to install him, and car thieves actually contribute to his nutritional requirements by donating bodyparts!  Another thing is that, being of German manufacture, you've got to consider him an OEM option.

P.S. An all-in-one system, He also does houses and personal security.  Sadly, he's not as cool as John Hubertz' cigarette-smoking, sunglass-wearing dog.  All he's got is his giant "can-o-whoopass."

Statistic: An overwhelming majority of car thieves move on to another vehicle when they see you have a Rottweiler Security System installed.

Quote: "Sometimes, on a long quiet stretch of road, I'll reach over and rub my security system's tummy."


My car had a similar security system fitted for a while. When my parents were driving my car, the family 50+kg German Shepherd would occasionally go for a ride in the back seat. May not be the best for keeping the seats 'like new' but certainly stopped anyone going near the car! ;D
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We also have a German Shepherd - he's allowed in the 6.9 presently BUT that will change when the new leather goes in!!!  We have two dogs - the GS and a golden cocker spaniel; guess which one is twice as smart as the other.......! They are called Penfold and Grange......for those non winos out there that tends to indicate that apart from fine cars and fine women - I'm into fine wine!
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


German Shepherds, huh?
Certainly far more than adequate security systems for your cars (and again, clearly a quality O.E.M. option).  My Rottweiler is a tad over 80 kg on the vet scale, and he stands over 31" at the shoulder (if it's appropriate to mix standard and metric measuring systems).  I wanted a big Rott, and oh mamma, I GOT one!

Still, there are downsides to having such a security system, as you've pointed out.  A 175 lb security system is probabely frowned upon by those craving an optimum weight/power ratio.  Another issue I face is the fact that my dog sits on the front passenger seat.  My front seats have sheepskin covers, and are thus better protected from big claws and such.  My biggest problem thus becomes the floor shifter.  It is occasionally something of a challenge to keep my dog from changing gears without the captain's permission.  He also likes to change radio stations on me.

Both of these issues could be easily overcome by having, say, a Chihuahua or Pekinese security system.  But that just wouldn't be the same at all, would it?