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Title: rapid restart, 6.9
Post by: Big_Richard on 15 October 2011, 04:39 AM
took my 6.9 for a drive to KFC today with TJ while we were painting his, firstly almost smashed into a concrete wall turning into the drive thru as i forgot how long these ships are.

Then when i got home i decided to park off the driveway on the "grass" and by the time i turned the car off and opened the drivers door I could smell the long wispy dead grass under the car was already smoldering and about to burst into flames on the exhaust. I immediately restarted the car and moved it onto the concrete.

I didn't think the exhausts on these non cat cars even got that hot, perhaps my car is running too lean. I literally only drove about 5km in total and the engine was just at operating temperature. The diesel company car i park on there all the time without issue or even thinking twice, but i know diesels have a lower exhaust temp anyway.