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Price of a new W116

Started by oscar, 30 January 2006, 07:48 AM


How much did they cost?  I don't know whether this has been done before, I've read loose references to prices but as usual forget to write or remember details.  Considering a new S600 costs over $350,000 Aussie big ones (a years wage  ;D), how much were the 116 S class all those years ago?  How did the price compare to wages, a house, a horse.

Any country, any currency, any 116, any info? Cheers

PS. You know what?  I should save to disk that 2006 Australian price list PDF file I just downloaded, just in case someone asks the same question 30yrs down the track.
1973 350SE, my first & fave


If it helps:

The first owner of my 1979 450SE (UK) paid ?19500 approx (inc extra for alloys, sunroof etc).

My 3 bedroom house cost ?20000 in 1980. 



I know this answer goes beyond just the W116 series, but ...

Here are some Oz prices and the equivalent values today -  courtesy of [1] Richard Simons of the Oldtimers Centre in Chippendale (original prices), [2] the NSW State Library enquiry service (conversions), and [3]  the Australian Bureau of Statistics (conversions). Note that the conversions to 2005 values involve quite complex formulae, including - but not limited to - the Consumer Price Index.

1964 W112 300 SE Coupe ?7163 ($14,326) = 2005 $275,000

1965 220 S $9,798 = 2005 $156,768

1971 W108 280 SE $11,879 = 2005 $163,000

1980 W116 280 SE $45,508 = 2005 $188,000

[img width=340 height=138][url=""][/url][/img]


Here's another I just unearthed - but with no current equivalent price:

1973 W114 280CE (auto) $12,831.

If one extrapolates from the previously given prices and their 2005 equivalents, I suppose this one's about $170,000 - $180,000.
[img width=340 height=138][url=""][/url][/img]


I stumbled across this site which I think someone else may have found and posted elsewhere.  It seemed familiar when I read it.

Anyway, UK

1973 350se ?7000 (twice the price of a Jag XJ 12)
1977 6.9   ?22,000

1973 350SE, my first & fave


You would have read this then...

"Though the 6.9 version is the rarest it has a much higher survival rate than other models because it was seen as being 'collectable' almost from the moment it was discontinued. On the other hand they do tend to be driven harder than the more pedestrian variants and there's more potential for finding a nicely preserved 350SE owned by the proverbial 'little old man'."

That's just about what I got with my 350SE, although she's looking a little worse for wear after a year with me at the wheel...

I still smile when I realise what a beautiful car we all drive, and marvel at their staying power... or just their power full stop.