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Original First Aid Kit still in package

Started by LRoss22, 11 February 2022, 07:30 PM


We just picked up our first W116, a 1979 300SD and are excited to get it tuned up and road worthy. While browsing through the car we found in the package tray, the original Hartmann first aid kit , still in the wrapper!

I'm sure someone with a complete stock restoration would love to have this. We will
be installing an air ride system so it's value to us isn't there.

Any idea what it might be worth? We would love to sell it and purchase some other parts for this car.



Honestly not worth much, they're a dime a dozen on ebay and such.
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I would think a pristine one in original wrapper could fetch $100 to the right person.

There are indeed tons "for sale" many for insane prices, but the few that sell are $50-70.
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Got it. I couldn't find any new kits on eBay let alone any in the original packaging hence the post. Oh well might as well just keep it in the package tray.