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New to me 450 SEs

Started by nblewi0, 21 August 2022, 01:13 PM


Hi all,
I thought that I would introduce myself.  I'm a new member from Palmer, Alaska (near Anchorage, AK).  I bought my first 1973 4.5 L 450 SE from my local Copart lot here in July.  My kids nicknamed it Goldie when they say it come home.  It was running really rough so I started working through things to try to get it running better.  It is running much more smoothly now.  However, the body is a little more rusty than I expected as I started to really look over the car.  I really enjoyed driving the car up and down my street even when the car wasn't running well. 

Then, out of no where, another 1973 450 SE popped up on craiglist last week.  It was last registered in Washington in 1999 and spent the last 23 years in a warm garage.  It has significantly less rust than Goldie.  It is running well but idling high and surging some under idle.  I think it is probably the AAV.  It does look like one of the previous owners used the front and rear bumper.  I think I will take the bumpers off Goldie and put them on the blue car.

So, I will probably use Goldie as a parts car for my blue car.  I'm kinda shocked that two of the same car popped up here close to me in Alaska.  I have already learned a lot looking through all the posts in the forum and I really look forward learning more and discussing these cars with all of you.

I have attached photos of the cars on the uhaul trailer



1973 Mercedes 450 SE "Goldie"
1973 Mercedes 450 SE "Blueberry"


Great looking cars! Those European-style bumpers on the US '73 only SE cars look great and aren't cheap to replace. Glad you have a spare set!


Welcome and good luck in your endeavours.there is rust and there's rust. Making one beauty out of 2 might be the way ahead but be absoluley certain that Goldie is terminal before breaking her up.


IMO - the decision as regards whether or not a rust problem with a car is terminal is purely a personal one literally nothing is terminal provided the owner is willing to put in time/effort/expense into the effort.  Using sheer logic alone would mean that nothing would be saved.
1973 350SE


Welcome to the forum, looking forward to hearing about your journeys with both!


Great looking cars.  Short wheelbase 450's are my personal favorites.



I didn't expect such a coincidence to happen.