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New Stainless Steel Euro Bumpers Now Available

Started by Squiggle Dog, 15 July 2020, 02:48 PM


I assembled these yesterday and my impressions are still quite positive. I'll provide a few insights, but AMA.

  • They do not include the support carriers or any of the brackets and shackles (black pieces in the pics). I had all of these pieces from my misadventures in buying used OE sets, but if you have US bumpers, know that you'll need additional parts.
  • They do come with the rubber impact strips and requisite stainless hardware.
    • The lock washers were junk, but I used everything else.
    • The rubber has molded ridges, is isn't perfectly round, and flares out on the sides as a result where it passes through the openings (visible in pics). I may see if I can source something different (I believe URO makes this.
  • For the most part, everything lined up and went together smoothly. The outer holes on the rear cover were slightly wider than the OE internal support, but only by a couple of MM and something 30sec of filing readily resolved.

Overall, I remain impressed with quality and finish. If you're looking to convert and unless someone local to you has an OE set in known excellent condition, I'd definitely buy these.

I did discover one rather annoying thing unrelated to the Tynda parts while assembling though. The OE bumper set I purchased last year came with two left-hand outer lateral shackles (see last pic) for the front. I need p/n "1168850640" if anyone has one they'd be willing to part with.