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New parts car
« on: 20 January 2017, 09:09 PM »
I had a can of rustoleum spray paint explode in the back of my 300SD during the summer so I went on the hunt for a parts car with a decent interior. I ended up buying this in December for the purpose of stripping it for my car but this one has certainly grown on me.

It's also a 1980 300SD, originally in Pastel Beige but was repainted at some point in what I believe is Silver Green but I'm not sure exactly.  It looks great from 25 feet but has a lot of issues. It's a definite parts car for a number of reasons. It has ~170,000 miles on it but it has some head issues so it smokes a lot and doesn't run well once it warms up. The color change seems like it was really well done in some aspects (entire engine bay is color matched, stickers were taped, etc.) but the surface must not have been well prepped because there is a lot of flaking paint. That combined with it having sat outside for a long time means the entire car would need to be repainted.The trunk drains also clogged at some point and weren't addressed so the trunk has lots of rot. The rust extends through the rear wheel wells and is visible on the sills.

The rims came with it and are some vintage 16x8.5 American Racing Equipment 3-piece wheels which I think look rather nice with the green color of the car. It has gotten quite a few compliments just sitting in my driveway and the one day I decided to drive it to school to see how the suspension was.

The rear shows the peeling clearcoat and also the hilarious cover up a previous owner had for the de-laminating rear glass. Having only driven the car a little, I would rather drive around with the ugly delamination because the vinyl creates a huge blind spot which especially bad on a car with no passenger mirror. It has a lot of good non-cracked interior parts but most need to be dyed because they have sun faded. Miraculously, what looks to be the original a/c compressor is in working order and the ACC II HVAC system seems to be working perfectly. For anyone wondering why the antenna is up, it has a replacement hirshman static antenna.

Can anyone confirm that this is the color this is painted is Silver Green or have an idea of what it is if it's not silver green? I think I may go with this color when I get my car repainted.
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