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New member 6.9

Started by HPC, 05 August 2022, 03:04 PM


Hello fellow 116'ers!

I finally entered the 116 arena with a 1979 6.9, blue on blue. My love of MB started with a 123, then moved on to 124's. I have dreamed of a 116 for a long time and now the work begins...
#6632 spent it's life in Oklahoma, Indiana and Texas. Driven sparingly up to around 2005 with 71k miles and then parked due to oil in the coolant, but still occasionally started to keep the engine going.

Any mechanics in the Dallas TX area who can help with a cylinder head refresh? Or a shop that still works on these?


Welcome here 8)
There is a guy called Steve Ady who apparently does very good work on classic Benzes.  I think he's in Dallas.
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Thank you!  I will try to locate Steve Ady.


Great looking car!  Welcome to the group.
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Welcome!.Yours is the same as on blue..Dec 78 ..and about the same condition altho I've replaced a lot of stuff...similar mileage.
Yours lived in the dry states...mine lived in the snow?

Ah yes....leaking head gasket. Probably started with no8 cylinder. About 35 manhours I'd say...but it has to be done..


Looks super tidy! Great pick up - congrats :)