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New 450 SEL

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Also, I briefly looked at the service manuals in the technical area of the forum. Is that the best place to find a checklist of all the maintenance items on a 450 SEL, or is there anything else that is more straightforward?

I washed it for the first time! I used a wash sponge from Esoteric car care products (a really soft sponge made in Japan), Gyeon Q2M shampoo, and a Gyeon microfiber towel. So good.

Esoteric car care products provide the miraculous bit more which makes the difference particularly for W116 and raise them above standard cars 8)

    Happy driving and enjoying    (the color really is extraordinary)

Back on earth:
There is another forum:       
I have read through it briefly some time ago. There is surprisingly little activity. imho t doesn't come close to this group.

Beautiful color.


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