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My supercharged -77 280SE

Started by jsalova, 26 June 2011, 04:06 PM


3 years and still going strong.
We crazy Finns go to garage when boring winter starts and come out next summer with something crazy like this.
This is my 280SE -77 with a bit of surprise under the hood.

-Euro-spec engine
-Eaton M90 supercharger, 1bar / 14psi of boost (used to be 12 psi)
-Reground cams, 280 degrees
-Ported and polished head
-2.5" exhaust with 1 silencer
-Custom water-to-air IC with own water circulation
-Reinforced automatic transmission
-Modified K-Jetronic with Micro Dynamics PIC5 additional injector driver
-Electric fan
-6.9 differential
-Oil coolers for AT and engine oil
-And STOCK pistons & rods
-240 rwhp

-Sleeper looks with towbar etc.
-16" Rial mesh rims with 245/45 and 225/50 Michelin Pilot Sports
-Completely stripped and repainted few years ago

I can explain more if somebody wants to know about this car / wants to supercharge another W116.

Things to do:
Ditch that tow bar
Some minor fiddling (stereo system, nothing too "bling", polish rims etc.)
Fabricate upholstery to trunk
Minor electrical problems, ie. tachometer doesn't work.
Engine bay needs some tidying up

So what do you guys think?



I'm a diesel guy but I think it's awesome!



I think a youtube video should be made  8)

btw, are they volvo radiator bottles on the right and left side of the engine bay - they look familiar but not from an MB  ;)

calvin streeting

blimey. I am i right in thinking you moved the kjet from one side of the engine to the other..

intrested in this bit :

-Modified K-Jetronic with Micro Dynamics PIC5 additional injector driver




That looks amazing! I would love to do that to my car.... one day :)

Can you give us more details on each mod and what had to be fabricated.

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Quote from: 1980sdga on 26 June 2011, 05:05 PM
I'm a diesel guy but I think it's awesome!

I've seen a 300SD on eBay before with a custom upgraded turbocharger - nothing this extensive but I'll bet it could be done.


Quote from: jsalova on 26 June 2011, 04:06 PM
Ditch that tow bar

It's too bad you're so far away.  I really want one of those for my W116. :'(


Quote from: jsalova on 26 June 2011, 04:06 PM

I can explain more if somebody wants to know about this car

Do that, nobody will be bored :)

-Reinforced automatic transmission ??

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Amen!


Quite impressive. Would love to hear the details about the work done. This sort of thing gets the imagination running wild with all sorts of performance modification ideas and it seems like you've covered all the bases.

What a beautiful car, I love the color.

s class

Ah that is VERY nice.  Awesome.  I  love the colour too of the car. 

I have been thinking of something similar, but I was worried that with standard euro spec pistons and rods, the compression ratio would be too high.  I guess you guys up north are OK with no air conditioner, but that would not be viable in South Africa. 

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That's bloody great.

Seen the vids of this.

Definitely be good to hear more on the specs of how you built it bud.



OP youtube videos


Quote from: Nutz on 28 June 2011, 09:11 AM
OP youtube videos

Yeah, those videos are made by the original builder / ex- owner, i've been upgrading this car since then.

K-Jetronic modifications include moving the fuel distributor assy to another side and custom fuel piping.
Supercharger sucks air throught air flow meter.
With this setup, system worked perfectly and af-ratio was ok to 12 psi of boost but i wanted tiny bit more...

So, i added control pressure regulator from turbo-Volvo and Micro Dynamics PIC5 additional injector controller which controls 2 Bosch injectors (from motronic system) depending on boost pressure.

Exhaust used to be stock but it was pretty restrictive, replaced it with 2.5" custom made exhaust, much better now.

As i said, engine is internally stock 9:1 compression euro-spec except ported/polished head and 278/280deg. camshafts.
And yes, i usually rev it and drive it pretty hard  ;D.  

This car has been supercharged for 3 years and to me it proves M110 is very strong and durable engine.

Thinking about next summer already, maybe it's time for adjustable ecu, custom pistons, custom rods and 20psi of boost  ;D .

I'm pretty tired so i'll continue tomorrow, so many things to tell about this beast!


Me and my sister went to my dad's wedding last week and my brother took this picture, did we accidentaly travel back in time?


The jacket isnt the correct size  8)