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My Girlfriends 1980 450 SEL

Started by pkepneriv, 27 February 2009, 09:28 PM


Hi every one I am new to the W116 group but an old member of the W108 and W126 groups. My girlfriend ( Jaime ) always wanted a Mercedes because she enjoys helping me work on mine and riding around in it. Quite awhile ago there was a neighbor of ours down the street that had a gold 450 SEL for sale. He had it up for sale for quite awhile almost five months at least. I noticed that the price on the windshield kept going down lower and lower. It finally made it to $500 so we went to go look at it. He was telling us all about it and how well it ran and drove. It didn't have a battery in it and he said that if we put one in it we could take it for a drive. We told him that we didn't want to spend $120.00 on a battery on a car we may or may not want. He kind got upset and said he would take a battery out of his truck to show us how well it ran. Needless to say after he connected the battery no matter how hard he tried he could not get it to start. We told him that we would give him $350.00 the way it sits. He reluctantly said he would take it and we towed the car down to our house. Overall it is in nice shape. The body is very nice and straight, nice crome, glass is all in great shape, interior has new seats in it, dash has a couple crack but nothing bad, wood is all in great shape, carpets need to be cleaned and paint needs to be polished from sitting out. I tinkered with the ignition system some yesterday and today after work but still had no luck. The guy had the wires pulled apart where the wires connect to the coil, from the coil and the little block ceramic resistors. My question, hope and prayer ( hehe )  would be if someone could take a picture or pictures of how theirs is setup or could tell me exactly what wires go where. I am not sure where the wires from the control module that is mounted on the front left fender above the resistors go and what wires go to and from the coil and to and from the resistors. Any help on this would be great. I was hoping to get it running for her this weekend if possible. She is looking forward to driving her car. Please please help me out. I looked at how my car was setup but it isn't anything like hers. Please feel free to write me back anytime either on here or my direct email at

    Paul & Jaime

p.s. the picture you see next to my name is her car