Author Topic: My first W116 is home and dry!  (Read 692 times)


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My first W116 is home and dry!
« on: 29 January 2012, 05:29 PM »
Well, after a couple of months of searching, I found my first W116, a 1979 300SD.  It was in the same family for the past 15 years.  Not my first diesel, had a 84 300D, and a 88 190D.  Lots of parts for the 84, the 190D got great mileage but wasn't built as well (IMHO) as previous incarnations.  I had a chance to buy a 1979 300SD a year ago (with no blow by, and a new WVO kit installed plus another car as a parts car..for 800... :-[ but didnt have any extra cash laying around, and its now gone ). 
   After several searches,  I found this one on CL in Missouri, and after a nice visit with the owner, came to a price and drove the car home the next weekend.  Other than needing new glow plugs and a lower oil cooler hose, car has the usual vacuum issues.  No rust, and the glass seems really good on it, so thats a good start!
      I have grown to appreciate the lines of the car, the construction quality seems more robust, and the mechanicals seem simpler.  Except for the ACII...but a manual conversion is coming I hope.
   I am impressed with the in depth study of the W116 on this site, and hope to be a contributor in the months to come!  I am working on a manual climate control solution using a setup from another common car, just need to tear into my dash and see how things are routed.  The servo is trash and has already been bypassed, at least I still have heat and defrost (I could make beef jerky in there..:) )