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my first mercedes

Started by zeppelinboy, 07 March 2006, 04:37 PM


Well, I am a new member of the Mercedes world.
We just picked up a 79 450 SEL for my wife to drive around town in (alot better than a honda with a million miles which is what she was thinking about).
Anyhow, this will be a bit of a fun little project car. I doubt that I will ever fully restore it, but I will be working on things to make it better along the way, so hopefully you guys can help me out.
The car is white with a tad bit of rust and a trashed blue interior. UNdetermined amount of miles, but the engine and tranny run great.

It has euro bumpers and headlights, but no light washers. I have no idea about the original country for this car, is there any definitive way to tell?

Anyhow, all that I know about MB's is what I have read here and a couple of other forums over the past few days, so I am hoping to learn alot here.

I hope to have some pictures up soon.




Hi Justin, welcome to our forum and congratulations on your recent purchase! A W116 certainly is a lot better than a old Honda :)

If you haven't checked it out already, have a read through the library at for all sorts of information about your car. As for the original country, the option codes may provide some guidance. I have option code 625 representing an Australian delivered car.

Also, add any photos of your W116 to our Gallery at where it can join all its friends :)
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Where are you located?  If you are in the USA, any M-B dealer parts department can confirm if it was USA or grey-market since they only have the USA cars in their database.  Call with your VIN number and they will let you know.

John Hubertz
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It it has Euro bumpers, it probably came with them, the only standard features on a Euro spec car (at least the UK spec) was power steering and central locking. Even basic features such as a Rev counter and Electric windows are options. Does it have manual A/C controls? If so, it is definatly a Euro car as no US car after 1975 came with them.

Post some pictures and then link them to the thread using the "insert image" button.
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Where is that "insert image" button? I've been looking every where on the gallery.

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Quote from: Niclas on 21 August 2007, 09:36 AM
Where is that "insert image" button? I've been looking every where on the gallery.

It's now called "Gallery Image"

When you press the reply button, 4 buttons now appear below the text box you type in.  There's "Post", "Preview", "Gallery Image" and "Spell Check".

Click on "Gallery Image" and go from there.
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Yes, I quite agree with Mforcer: w116 = "stylin'"; Honda = POS.

I've had my 450SEL in the garage for a while now, but due to a problem with the electric garage door motor, I pulled it out in the driveway where I could catch a truly good gander at it.

My goodness, that is a lovely car.  It is beautiful from every single angle.  And the most flogged w116 suspension is still superior to most Japanese floggermobiles.

I hope it is reliable for your wife, zeppelinboy.  These cars can take a licking and keep on ticking!

By the way, one of the many things that makes this a great forum is that we're w116 lovers.  I've never ever come across a post where one member rags on the car of another member.  If you're excited about your car, you've got a bunch of people who will share your excitement.  As far as most of us are concerned, a w116 in a state of disrepair is STILL more beautiful than most any other car on the road.  Being a member of a couple non-Mercedes car forums, I really like that about us. 


Sounds like you have made the right move, I would rather see a family member in a fine German automobile than some piece of junk from Japan,
Most people seem to forget that the Germans invented safety innovations in cars,
crumple zones,
safety cells
laminated windscreens,
safety steering
3 point seatbealts with the pre tensioners
soft engine mounts, designed to shoot the engine under the car and not on your lap in a severe front end impact.

apart from the airbags and ABS, although optional on late model 116's all these were standard equipment,