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my first car!
« on: 15 May 2010, 07:57 AM »
when i was about 10 years old my friends father had a mercedes. Mercs have always been status symbols but that never interested me. The moment i opened the door on that  metallic green w123 i was opening a can of life long passion for benzes! it oozed quality. I patronised the cars top speed of 160 and my friend started pointing out it wasnt designed as a racecar and what a mercedes sedan was all about. the silence on the highway, the seats! (like stone) but after a 1.5 hour trip to the gold coast i was convinced that vinyl seats in this fashion were the benchmark of comfort. The feel of the door latches, the smooth ride and reputation for saftey. Ever since ive wanted one of these cars above any other. 20 years later ive got a w116- its seats dont bring back quite the same memories as i think these might  be alot softer. but everything else is still there- and the ride is even smoother!its been worth the wait!