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Re: My Custom 1980 300SD Project Part 2
« Reply #240 on: 01 November 2020, 10:34 AM »
I have jury duty in a few days (a bummer since I can't afford to be that generous with my time), so I changed out the fuel filters to get the car ready to drive about 45 minutes each way every day the hearing lasts if I'm selected.

I found that I still had a straight prefilter from my W110 200D days (2008 manufacture date). This is the type that Uncle Kent used to sell with the brass ferrules inside, which apparently are no longer being made. :(

I also have a performance overflow valve that Greazzer did for me in a trade. It's supposed to double fuel pressure in the injection pump and result in faster element filling for increased performance:

I decided I didn't like the 90 degree angle prefilter because it doesn't  really trap debris in it; rather it filters it, but lets it fall back  into the lines to clog. It seems that the bend should be on the opposite end.

I don't remember the last time I replaced the filters, but wow, was the old prefilter clogged! It wasn't done a moment too soon.

I still had some of Uncle Kent's biodiesel-compatible fuel hose, so I used it and installed the straight filter. This way it will actually trap debris and not let it clog up the fuel lines. I installed a new MANN brand main filter, though I think I prefer the MAHLE filters Kent sells.

The performance overflow valve installed. I am interested in seeing if I notice an improvement in acceleration.

Aside from that, I really need to sell some things to get some cash to do repairs. My steering damper has been busted for a while and leaked out all the fluid, the valve cover gasket is leaking oil badly, and so is the turbo that I rebuilt--either that, or the intake is sucking in a lot of oil from the crankcase. My interior is also still apart because it's been very hot (I think the hottest summer on record) and I don't have money to buy the parts I need. Doing jury duty for 8 hours a day to get $12 per day isn't going to help, either. That's $1.50 an hour, not to mention about an hour and a half of driving time...
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