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My Cars Or.. An extended Intro

Started by Tony66_au, 28 June 2012, 07:19 AM


Add a set of these

And the dollars start piling up, No piccies of the new mandrel bent steel hydraulic pipes and the rebuilt SLS valve and its not hard to drop $700 - $800 on the suspension, another $400 on Bearings, a bit more for the front bearings and more for assorted mounts and consumables so I am well into the $2000 range on this Wagon and it is a nice thing when its going.

So we persevere.


Something else I need is the coupling for the throttle cable.

When I got the car it was wired in place badly and the lack of adjustability affects the kickdown on the Auto which I have adjusted as best I can.


All in all the engine is now well degreased and far cleaner than it has been in a while, I have repaired and replaced numerous bits and pieces and all in all most of the niggly things are sorted.

The first thing I did was grab a tuneup kit compliments of Shane at Bits for Benz which had filters, plugs, leads, Dizzy bits etc and I just want to finish this girl and drive her again.

Dont get me wrong, I love my 740 Wagon but it is my Wifes car after all and im sick of swapping in and out baby seats and like to carry basic tools in my daily which I cant do in the volvo because it takes up shopping room etc lol.

So yet another Car on the Slab in the Lab/Garage.


Back to Non Benz toys for a sec and this is more for the Non Aussie members of The Org not so familiar with Aussie Chrysler/Dodge's.

I had a few ask me about the last car on my Signature line "White 1971 Chrysler Valiant ute".

Simply its a Mopar body based on the 60's Plymouths and Compact Dodges like the Dart, sheet metal is similar and the floorpan and underpinnings are the same.

They also shared transmissions and the 225 Slant 6 until 1971 when they got an all Aussie 245 cube straight 6 and a year or so later the 265 Cube six.

Marketed as the Hemi 6 it is a Semi Hemispherical chamber at best but it is still known as the Hemi 6.

And it looks like this....



The Sedans are more recognisable to US Members.


Both the Sedan and the Utility (SUV) are due to be hauled into the light again for their annual wash and clean up now the warmer weather is here and I should take some more flattering pics of the Sedan this year.

Sorry is I have strayed off topic a bit but I felt it was probably of interest to some of you and Chrysler and Daimler Benz do have some history considering the 300C platform is W140 S class and the CJD lineup has more than ever a strong Mercedes DNA in many areas.


Quote from: Tony66_au on 14 December 2012, 04:41 AM
Does anyone have a copy of the EPC for the entire rear end of a 1987 W124 230TE.

So far I have replaced both rear wheel bearings (Huge suckers they are too), fitted new SLS pods, refurbished the leveling valve, replaced the flex discs and I have the front set of rear X member chassis mounts and will be replacing them and the rears when I drop the bum out.

My Problem is that there seem to be shim sleeves in the carrier for the rear wheel hub where the bearing presses in and somewhere along the line one has gone missing or slipped out.

I didnt do the side thats stuffed/missing the shim but I either need another shim or 2nd hand parts to make the right rear good again and sadly the missing shim has dragged the whole rear X member sideways and buggered the mounts.

New is fine hence my needing the EPC so I know what to order and im guessing that the rear axle assy is unique to the W124 wagons with SLS setup.

The renewed interest is due to slight nagging from Jenna and my annoyance has faded to the stage where im no longer likely to swear the air blue at the sight of the car.


PM me the VIN and I'll post the exploded view of whatever you may need.
But no sooner that tomorrow late or Sunday...

Anything else in EPC of your interest?
Vitamin C for SL... the SLC


WOW someone has some spare time!   ;)  I still can't see those earlier pix Tony!
1979 6.9 #5541 (Red Bull)
1978 6.9 #4248 (Skye)
1979 6.9 #3686 (Moby Dick)
1978 6.9 #1776 (Dora)
1977 450SEL #7010 white -P
1975 450SEL #8414 gold -P


Gallery permissions mate, I have to go look at that later but I thought I set it to registered members and admin.

Maybe not eh?



Massive spring clean today saw me moving cars all over the place.

Over Winter my front paddock has been slowly filling with crap and cars which got to the stage a while ago where I decided to have a cull and scrap a few.

Instead I moved them about and hid a few behind my barn including an old Daily driver Im hanging on to because its just too good to junk.

One of my boys has collected a few as well and got rid of 2 today keeping his 245 Volvo and the Ford Mondeo I bought him for when he gets his License.

Back to my old daily,

A Ford Fairmont Ghia (All the fruit minus the long wheel base)
4.0 inline 6 cylinder.
Amazingly after not running for 3 years after being parked with a blown head (Compression into coolant) I dropped a new battery into her, turned the key and cranked with the coil lead off for a moment or 2 and then coil attached she fired and idled at 700 RPM as if id driven her this morning.
Sat the auto in Neutal to get the pump going and after a moment or 2 selected all gears no probs and backed her out of the 3 inch deep ruts she had sunk into and drove her around for 5 mins before popping her off to one side for a bit more attention and a wash.

A frikkin mazing.....