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Just received my 2 6.9's.  One is barely running and the other probably a parts car.

Trying to figure out the year (production date) of them

first is 0162, 2nd is 1951.

looking at production numbers on wiki,  the first would appear to be a 1975 and euro?  title says 1976 and has been represented to me as a US car. it has cloth interior and euro bumpers. I need to poke around and see if it has cats on it and the other teltales to see what I can.

the 2nd would be 1976 - titled as 1977 though.  from paperwork I have, looks like it spent a few years in Europe first. original service books shows 1330 km service done on 1/14/77. By 1982 it had reached 136181 km. Car must of had a lot of highway miles on it.

both are probably registration dated from first registration, not YOM.

need to figure out if first is a euro though.

You can see the month and year of production on the metal tag on the driver side B pillar.

s class:
Easy to tell if its a euro as the euros have an engine oil cooler, and no EGR or air pump equipment. 

The early car is very likely to be a euro as afaik it was only into late 1976 that the US spec 6.9 was introduced.  Would be a real shame to part out such an early euro, they have some nice quirks that differentiate them from the later cars. 

Not often I see a sequence # lower than mine - good score on 0162.

Wikipedia says that #1950 was the lowest sequence # that would have come to N. America.

1975 vin's run up to 474
1976 475 to 1475.

They don't start over with zero at each model year, so sequence #'s, so you add each of the model year #'s together to get your car's placement in the model year hierarchy.

Based on that, 1951 was the 2nd car produced for the 1977 model year. Based on the park-bench bumpers and the quad headlamps, it probably was a N. America delivered car, but that's no guarantee. Cars imported to the US were "federalized" - but I'm not certain if that extends to having the 5mph bumpers fitted. Both #521 and #1164 were imported to the US and federalized (I can see the added interior door bracing), but when I purchased each, they were fitted with euro-style headlamps, and neither shows (showed) signs of ever having been fitted with the US-spec bumpers (a huge job).

Also - US-delivered cars were fitted with an auxiliary transmission cooler pump. You'll find it right on the bottom of the engine - the 1975 car will have an idler pulley in it's place.

The data plate on the radiator crossmember will tell you the country of destination for the car - I don't remember the code, others on this site will.

As others have noted, euro-delivered cars will be devoid of any emissions control. No cats, no EGR (easily spotted mounted onto the top of the exhaust manifold - don't remember which side).

Typically, these cars also were fitted with manual climate control. Many also had velour seat covers - my former #1164 was so-equipped.

The quick tell-all will be the presence of an oil cooler (you'll see it as a small extra radiator mounted vertically on the left-hand side of the car adjacent to the engine radiator). No made-for-N. America 6.9's had an engine oil cooler.

Good score - plan on rust removal - ask me how I know...

#162 is def a euro, it has the import Federalization tag on the B pillar, and the vin tag on the radiator support. I dont really think this car will survive, lots more rust in rockers, very worn out velour seats, and is already missing small engine bits.  the air cleaner was soaked in oil, looks like bad blow by. I plan on using as a parts car for the other one. I found steel plates welded inside the front bumper support on the euro bumpers.  it has US lights.  If anyone is interested in parts let me know.  I do plan on keeping most of the 6.9 specific parts. The rest of the blue interior is in pretty decent shape, door panels, plastic trim and carpets.  the seats are just plain worn, though not horribly crappy.

#1951 is in much better condition, leather and interior will clean up well with a lot of work. I have a lot of the original manuals and docs for it. build card, maintenance book, owners manual in english and german, the parts diagram book had to be tossed it was covered in black mold, and user manual for the Webasto heater! Also becker radio books.

There is also a Internationaler Zulussungsschein. The car was owned and driven by a German until 1982, then it looks like a person from Las Vegas bought it and drove it in Europe for 3 months. Car came back to Nevada and then was owned by a Doctor. Have a few receipts from 1985 to  1991.  Then car traveled to Colorado , someone tried to work on it in 2010, but I'm pretty sure they did not get it running very well.  Now it's mine. 

There are no tags on B pillar or radiator support.  I think the radiator support has been changed as it has different paint color on it. The car currently barely starts.  It will fire up for 10 seconds then die out. I suspect filthy fuel system, will start with removing and cleaning everything. The 10 seconds it runs sound good though. The build card says it was built on 12/28/1976.

Also need a new ring gear.  starting is hard with a bad spot on it.  What is easier access, pull engine or just trans?


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