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Mint Condition 450SE

Started by AMG69, 17 August 2005, 08:54 PM


Check out:

One for the Collector - still even has one of the Original Becker Mexico Cassette radios!!
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


Wow, I love seeing these cars with brilliant straight chrome, bright clean lights etc, etc.  "Showroom Condition"  I'm jealous.  

Though I must agree with Styria regarding its value, that despite it's great condition I'd be haggling down. This sort of price is what very good 6.9's sell for.

BTW, why hasn't it got rear headrests? When did they come in?  I thought only lower variants, early 70's like my 350, had no rear headrests.
1973 350SE, my first & fave


I have recently been to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre in Stuttgart and was fortunate enough to see the 450SEL 6.9 they have on show there. When I return home I'll write up a lot more as well as share some (all?) of the 50+ photos I took of the car. What I can say at this stage was that it has powered rear seats, ABS (yes, the first time I had ever seen this on a W116!) as well as AMG rims, steering wheel and dash and the front spoiler. The real shocker was that I believe it recently sold for ?47,000. That is a lot of money :shock:
1977 450SE [Brilliant Red]
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450SE I am SOOOOOO waiting for those photos!! I am basically doing my silver 6.9 up to the same specs at that car at the Classic Centre; I have the steering wheel (but need the centre cap!) and I have a MB enthusiast who works at the OZ embassy in Berlin tracking down a set of original Felgen Penta rims and period boot lid badge; I missed out on the OEM AMG front spoiler on Ebay last month (bugger) and the speedo (300kmhr) is super rare.  Anyway, VERY jealous you have been to the Classic Centre - cant wait to go there and am aiming to in the next couple of years.  I need a "beancounter" conference in Germany!


sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!