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Marking 50th Anniversary of launch

Started by gurrier, 30 December 2021, 04:37 AM


I am the owner of a 350 SE, chassis no. 008241, supplied to the Irish market on the 25th April 1973.  Sold by Ballsbridge Motors, 162 Shelbourne Road, D4 (now MSL) first registered on the 30th May 1973.
Reputedly the first of the Mercedes range to be officially given the S CLass name.  This,the W116, was apparently launched on the Costa Brava on the 25th September 1972 and appeared at the Paris Motor Show in October 1972.

Admin delete please if not permissible. I have created a Facebook group, Mercedes W116 Owners Ireland to gauge if there is any interest in Irish resident owners marking the 50th anniversary of the launch.

Perhaps this forum might be a good place to organise a world wide event.

1973 350SE


Hi Bill, and welcome to the Org. That's a very early car you've got there!

There is an event planned by the MB Club UK, but that's probably going to be too posh for its own good, as most of their events. The Irish chapter of the club is not planning anything that I'm aware of (barely ever does anyway).

We also have a Telegram group of Irish W116 owners, and six of us have met recently. We can add you to that one if you'd like. Send me a PM.

Personally I don't use social media, so Facebook etc. groups don't work for me.
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1988 "Arctic White" W124 200T
1979 "Icon Gold" W116 450SE


Hi ptashek.

Thanks very much for the reply.

Yes I would be interested in that group.

I own the car since 2009. Life intervened and I am now only getting back
to a restoration that I had begun.

While I was able to drive from Athy where I bought it to Limerick it is presently in my garage
with work that I began on significant rust in the usual areas rendering it off the road.

I am using the 50th anniversary as an impetus for progress.

1973 350SE


Sadly when I visit Ireland I can only look at pictures of my w116 back home as the carbon tax, etc. with an import would probably be insane.
1974 450 SEL