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Looking for 450 SEL 6.9

Started by 1160361200, 08 June 2023, 02:15 PM


Hello everyone,

I'm a German enthusiast and collector of Mercedes-Benz vehicles up to 1998. I'm looking for a particularly good W116 450 SEL 6.9 - preferably with a sunroof and ABS. Only good, rust-free cars. No US 250 hp models. Such cars cost between €50,000 and €100,000 in Germany.

Maybe I'll be successful with you and find my dream car?

Best regards

Lothar :)


Hi Lothar,

Try they sell them regularily. There is one on there currently that is pretty nice but the seat color is wrong and could be dyed to match better.
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Nice 6.9's are getting super scarce.  If you find one meeting your criteria you will likely have to drop some serious coin.
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Quote from: rumb on 08 June 2023, 03:37 PMHi Lothar,

Try they sell them regularily. There is one on there currently that is pretty nice but the seat color is wrong and could be dyed to match better.
Seems not to be Euro version that OP seeks though.  Bidding seems lackluster thus far, kinda weird.  Cheers,
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Pierre Hedary had a recent video on his YouTube channel where he gave his take on "overexposure" of a car for sale online.  Was very informative IMHO.

His channel is well worth a gander.  He has an active shop and he appears very busy so he does not post a ton which is refreshing in a way.
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Let me perhaps also just elaborate on what I mean by "nice" ;D

I do NOT mean low mile/garage queen.  Many folks think this is the holy grail but believe me it is NOT.  Rather give me a meticulously maintained higher mileage example any day.

Now, along with this, I am a big fan of ONE OWNER cars.  There is simply nothing better than a fully serviced and documented, one owner car that got driven regularly.  First prize if all the services were done by Benz, but as these cars get older, as we know this is harder and harder to accomplish, so a competent indy shop is great too, as long as the services were done timely and by a good shop.

Also, of course EVERYTHING MUST WORK PERFECTLY.  And no major issues in any of the 3x areas: mechanical, body and interior.  Small niggles one can iron out, but major issues in any of these 3x areas should be a walk away if indeed you are serious about getting a great example.

Just my 2c, use as you wish ;D
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Hi Lothar,

on  there is a couple of cars at least in the price region that you expect your dream car to be in.
I have personally seen this one:

It is listed now for appr. or more than 3 years, since pre-corona. Maybe it is long sold and the add was not removed. It looked very nice from a walk-around-perspective. Cars in the mentioned price range are also available from Rosier and Kienle. The question is: Are they that much better for a price around or above 100.000 €?
I'd be interested to hear which cars you had a look at and what your experience is.
What is your level of knowledge of these cars?


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I guess I should have sold my 68k mile Euro 6.9 a few years ago before my full suspension rebuild.  I probably had around $12k in it at that point.  After suspension,etc. rebuild I'm much closer to $30k.  And it has 3 layers of paint and Lorinser bumpers to "fix".  I'm stripping the paint off myself to try to save on the going back to stock paint job.  Gotta find me some nice Euro style bumpers.   
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