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Kraftwerk and the Three Pointed Star


As some will know, Florian Schneider the co founder of the group Kraftwerk and a pioneer of German electronic music passed away this week. They loved all things German including Mercedes cars and incorporated images of old Merc's in the album artworks. Not the W116 but interesting none the less. The groups first record Autobahn contains a few paintings of Mercedes Benz in the liner art. Here are a couple of examples.


That is awful. I was hoping to see them perform in the next few years. So much for that. I play Computer World or Autobahn all the time when working on the 6.9. At one point, I contemplated naming the car Shemashemashemashemasheeemashinen.

They were pioneers in many ways, and not always appreciated. I guess it's an acquired taste.

I'm quite chuffed as one of my videos was used to do an unofficial, community made clip to their Autobahn:
The last few seconds of that video is taken from the end of, and played backwards.

So there's some W116 + Kraftwerk material there one way or another :)

That is a cool video, well done. I played my vinyl copy last night too.

I don't think my W116 will ever get to drive on an autobahn though. Wrong hemisphere.


 :D (as a former professional DJ) I had from day 1  planned my first W116 ride.. The original becker, (with some speaker upgrades) and Kraftwerk's Autobahn playing! We are not alone!


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