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Just bought my first 116

Started by amg5872, 28 October 2023, 02:35 PM


Hi, all. I thought I'd introduce my 1973 450SE. I just picked it up locally this morning for $900. 280,000 miles on the clock, Arizona car with lots of sunbake inside and out, but not a ton of rust. I'm sure I'll be back with questions as I get to know her...


Congrats on the purchase. Get to know Kent Bergsma on You Tube.  With his videos have been able to fix sticking door handles, rebuild my SLS pump, change injectors, injector seats and seals(DJet), replace side glass weatherstrips, grease door hinges, remove and install door mouldings, and now well on the way to rebuilding the rear SLS system, struts and SLS leveling valve and so much more.  With time, so much of your w116 can be fixed and this guy has saved my thousands.  And then ofcourse you can post to the forum. Well bought and welcome
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Looks like a good starting point. Dont forget the maintenance manuals are on this site. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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Oh boy you have bought yourself a project there!
Congrats on taking the challenge.......this will keep you outa trouble for awhile!!
With all the resources relativeley at your fingertips in the USA, this project will quite achievable..........time and money!!


Thanks for all of the posts and the tips/resources!  Will keep you guys posted on my progress, should I make any...