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Just bought a 280SEL

Started by Will, 27 April 2010, 10:12 AM


Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to w116s too.  I've always liked the look of these cars though so when one came up the other day for very little money I had to have a look, and of course when I saw it I had to buy it!  I'll try to sort out some pics soon.  The car is quite rough on the outside, with a number of panels having spots of rust, but for the price I paid I really can't be fussy. The best bit is that the interior is in MB-Tex, which appears to have held up remarkably well.  I'm taking it to a mechanic friend on Saturday as it is not running too smoothly at present, and after that I'll decide whether it is economic to do a more thorough restore or just get it mechanical sound.  For my research on the internet it looks like sourcing parts could take time here in the UK - and money! 

Anyway, I have already read many of the threads on the site over the past few days, so thanks to all the people who took the time to respond.

Squiggle Dog

I think the 280SEL is the rarest of the W116 chassis.
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s class

The 350SEL was the least numerous W116 variant. 

Your local MB dealer chain should be able to supply just about everything you could need.  This can often be an expensive option, and I'm sure you will find benefit in using on-line U.S. suppliers such as

SHipping from the states is punitive for small orders, but if several items are ordered at once, it can still be very cost competitive.  AutohausAZ in particular has a very friendly user interface, and automatically calculates shipping costs for you.

We can quite likely also suggest other sources if you mention specific items you are wanting. 

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Hello Will, I am also in the UK and have a 280SEL. Mine is 1978, although it wasn't imported into the UK until 1983. You can see some pics of it in my signature link. Whereabouts are you based? I'm S.W.London/Surrey area. Does your car have electric windows/aircon etc? That's one thing I miss on my car - extras such as this. But then, I guess if it's not fitted it can't go wrong!  :)


Thanks for the interest guys!  I want to show the forum some pics to get a second opinion on whether its worth doing much to (I know that's hard from a few small pics).  The mechanic I took it to had a look and didn't think it was worth spending much money on, which is understandable I suppose given the amount of rust on it.  However, the inside is just in such good condition, it seems a shame to run it into the ground.  I half have it in mind to keep this one on the road as long as possible, firstly to cut my teeth on the various w116 issues/problems, and secondly as a stop-gap until I can afford a really nice one.   

Thanks for the link to autohausaz Squiggle Dog, looks like a good site, but I see what you mean about postage.  I guess everyone knows, but I was on German ebay which also looks pretty good to for w116 parts, and as I speak German the language isn't an issue.

Joshm, I am in sunny Essex, just round the corner from you in relative terms compared to most people on this board ;-) By the way, your car looks amazing! Interesting though, mine has electric windows and the air con (although all of the parts are sitting in a box at the moment...), and it also has rear belts.  Thing is with the electric windows, although mine all work it would be just as quick with manual in the case of my car.  Another cool thing about mine is that I have the original Becker radio. Someone has put a panasonic headunit in, but its still nice to have, only trouble is that someone's cigarette has hit the 'cassette' writing on the cassette flap of the becker, which is a shame. Weirdly, mine has a kms speedo, which shows 22k kms - yeah right! The car came with french tax stickers on from the late 1990s which I guess would explain it.  Anyway, I'm going to put some pics up shortly...

s class

You can buy parts (new) for your becker, including cassette flaps here : Link

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