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Jay Leno playing with fire.

Started by SteveDuNord, 20 November 2022, 03:22 AM


I've read advice on here to always disconnect the battery before messing with the fuel system. Well, old Jay had to be dragged out from beneath one of his old jalopies - aflame!

Just goes to show.
'77 280se


Good grief  :o at first I was like 'LOL' but then I was like '... bloody hell....'  :-X ouch  :'(

When working on the Lotus Esprit we had it on a elevated wheel platform and the damn thing just slowly rolled off it when I was underneath :o .... the battery was certainly disconnected but that gravity thing is 24/7  ::) ... always chock the wheels, and never not use axle stands when jacking up a car ....

Home mechanics '101'  8)

Wish you a full recovery Jay Leno and hope car comes out AOK to!


12/1979 450 SEL 148K on clock (museum piece)
12/1986 Lotus Esprit Turbo 87K on clock 'Darling, look what Q has brought for us, isn't it nice' :)


Latest suggests skin grafts necessary.   Best policy is that Murphy's Law applies when working on cars.  By repute Jay Leno is of positive disposition - no doubt he will do his best to rebound.
1973 350SE