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Hi all! I'm new to owning an MB, as well as new to the forum. I'd love to introduce everyone to my 1980 300SD.

Current Malfunctions and Errors:

Jumpy/Non-functioning Tach
Cabin Leaking Water
Heat Anytime, All the time
Questionable Bodywork (Looking at you, rear quarters & rocker panels)
No Air via Center Vents
"Manual" Glowplugs
Finicky Cruise Control
Leaking Window Seals
DF Window Regulator
A/C Modernization
Belts & Rubber

Resolved Issues:

Motor Mounts
Trunk Seal, kind of
Power Antenna Mast
Lower Oil Cooler Line Replaced

The car is pretty innocuous, but it does not have a sunroof. I don't know how common this is, but one less place to leak doesn't bother me!

Pictures Coming Soon!

Welcome  8)
No sunroof is a big plus in my book ;)

Welcome to the asylum!  Congrats on your fine, new ride.  Sounds like you've got a few projects on tap to keep you entertained.  And FWIW I agree with Daniel, sunroofs are over-rated.  I too am glad I don't have one.  Anyway, I'm sure you'll find this forum a great resource, as we all have.  Post some pix of the new car when you can!  Cheers,

The pictures, as promised:

Apologies for the heavy equipment in the background. Rural PA has its perks and downsides.

Update on my current maladies.

Current Issues:

Cabin leaks water (car cover ftw)
Shoddy Body
Glow plug Relay
DF Window Regulator
AC Modernization
Belts (purchased, not installed)
Intermittent vacuum shutoff (have not diagnosed if shutoff valve or vacuum leak)
Weak glow plugs


Heat can be shutoff (thank the MB gods for ball valves)
Center vents (started working randomly)
Motor mounts
Trunk seal
Power antenna mast
Lower oil cooler line
ALDA blow-off bypassed
Fuel return lines replaced

Upcoming repairs:

Glow plug ream & swap
New spare tire
Body work (summer)


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