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Introducing my 350SE

Started by Jezz, 10 June 2024, 09:48 AM


Just introducing my 1973 350SE, aqua blue.
It's been a much longer and more expensive journey than anticipated, but after 4 years, major rust repairs and lots of new suspension bushings it's finally registered and on the road.

Apart from the tow bar, aftermarket seatbelts and gear shift knob, it seems to be mostly ex-factory original - Becker Mexico radio cassette, automatic antenna, dark blue leather seats. It's wearing Bundt alloy wheels that I bought for the sake of decent tyres for it's roadworthy certificate. The original steel wheels and body coloured wheel covers will be refitted at some stage.

I'll put some interior pictures up when it's been tidied up and looks less embarrassing...


Hi Jezz

Congratulations on getting the car to this state. It's never simple to get to the point when the car is finally on the road and driveable. Yours is a very early example. I love the colour. Probably suits Australia more than the UK though. There can't be that many cars on 1972 still out there. I had a model with serial number in the 12XXX range 25 years ago but it's long since dead. Is there anybody with an earlier model? Looking forward to interior shots. The early interiors are much simpler and cleaner in my view. They just got the design right first time.



amazing car and very rare color!
And such an early model. Congrats and enjoy cruising.
happy having finally a 6.9 # 7271 in my garage, nice to cruise!


We welcome another owner!.and in Aust!
Nice looking car....and he has the papers!
I too look forward to seeing the interior but let's not wait?!


Thanks for the kind words!

Here are some interior pictures...


37,000 deutschmarks in 1972.

 I wonder how may Oz $ that was at the time?  Anyone know the calculation.?


About 10k$ or 122k$ in today's money.
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Yes well the interior could do with some work. Id be interested to peek under the dash mat.


The door trims and centre console were victims to a really shoddy heavy handed vinyl respray job with very uneven surfaces and large areas of paint run
.... So I'm happy assume for now that there is a pristine uncracked dashboard under the carpet.


Is the dash top black or blue?


very cool Jess,
as Adam noted, a manual 350 is pretty uncommon!
good luck with the progress, and continue to update.
nathan from the west
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