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Introducing my 1974 450SE

Started by CMS, 06 April 2023, 04:24 AM


Hi all, Chris here.

I'm back on the forum after many years! My previous username was chrismsullivan and at that stage I had a 1976 280SE, which ended up being full of rust and terminal engine issues. So, I ended up scrapping it.

Fast forward to today, I've just put down a deposit on a '74 450SE.

It's in pretty good shape, is a great colour and has had a tonne of work done to it, including, but not limited to: new steering box and pump, new brake booster and brakes, reco tailshaft, full engine work over of injection system, points, injectors etc.

Long story short, a few years ago it was a one owner car from a deceased estate in Orange NSW and not running. They guy who purchased it did so as a project for him and his son, did a bunch of work on it to get it up to RWC and a daily driver. The son has now moved onto a more modern car.
It's currently in the final stages of getting its RWC and I should be collecting it late next week.

The good: It looks right, smells right and drives like a freight train with lots of punch. Steering is really direct and it tracks really straight. Steering wheel is in great shape. Has a new indicator stalk. Brakes are strong. It has no pesky SLS, cruise control, sunroof or power windows. It's clean and appears to be rust free in all the usual spots (I'm sure I'll find some lurking somewhere at some point). It feels like a tank.

The bad: It needs some cosmetic repairs, with a 20c coin sized chunk of paint missing, with surface rust present on the FR quarter panel. A few small dents on the bonnet and grill chrome. A small area of surface rust/bubbling on the boot lid. RHR chrome wheel arch has been damaged, along with the bumper rubbers. Front drivers seat has a tear. Interior lights aren't working. Stereo and speakers are bad. Electric antenna isn't wired properly. The AC system appears to not be blowing cold air.

The plan is to enjoy the car as a weekend crusier, with a decent starting base for a rolling restoration and repairing the cosmetic stuff, going over every nook and cranny to repair/prevent any rust, making sure all mechanics are spot on and getting it to a poitn that it's going to (hopefully) become an awesome appreciating classic.

Here's some pics for you guys... These are the photos from the advertisement. I'll get some more decent ones when the car finally makes it's way to its new home.

IMG_7941 Copy.JPG

IMG_7942 Copy.JPG 

IMG_7943 Copy.JPG

IMG_7944 Copy.JPG

IMG_7945 Copy.JPG

IMG_7946 Copy.JPG   

IMG_7947 Copy.JPG

IMG_7948 Copy.JPG

IMG_7950 Copy.JPG

IMG_7952 Copy.JPG

IMG_7954 Copy.JPG
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Congrats Chris and welcome back to the fold
Never stop loving
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Quote from: Gpapaniko on 06 April 2023, 07:03 AMCongrats Chris and welcome back to the fold

Thanks! I'm sure I'll be picking your collective brains a lot, very soon.
1974 W116 450SE - Current
1976 W116 280SE - Retired
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1971 W108 280SE - Retired


Quote from: TitanBenz on 06 April 2023, 07:43 AM
Looks like a nice car, congrats. :) 

Cheers, thanks for that. It seems like it's been well cared for and an honest enough car.
Can't wait to get it home.
1974 W116 450SE - Current
1976 W116 280SE - Retired
1969 W108 280S - Retired
1971 W108 280SE - Retired