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How many 6.9's do you think still exist in an operational form?

Started by Neil4speed, 11 August 2022, 10:46 PM


Unless you cover long highway distances in favourable weather every day the 6.9 is not a daily driver in my opinion. Coupled with horrendous fuel economy ensures that today it will only ever be a fair weather cruiser on the weekends.

I guess that's why they were also popular Down Under with good weather and long stretches of unfettered highway.  Also would have been easier in the days of lacks speed enforcement.  Here in Canada you will absolutely lose your ride very quickly for speed transgressions.

They were of course designed for titans of industry being driven at high speed on the autobahn with chauffeur.

Those days are long over and modern Benzes have a lot more to offer in every category so the 6.9 today is for sure a niche collector car.
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Daantjie, I dont see much merit in a 6.9 being used a daily anymore, I dont know anyone in Australia who does anymore.  They have crossed over to heirloom status or collectibles.  I reckon its about 10 years since I knew of anyone dallying their 6.9

But by standards, their economy isn't actually so bad and I dont think is the hindrance.  Dont be fooled by claims of current models.  What current manufacturers say their cars do, and what they achieve in real life are very different.  My own 6.9 does about 20L/100km.  I kept my 212 e63 with the 6.2L m156, its actually the best of my 'newer V8s', with about 15L/100. My new 213 e63 is actually bloody terrible relatively, about 16.5L/100 and thats with a 4 litre motor that has cylinder shutoff and a 9 speed! I really expected better out of this. I think the brochure said low teens but this is flat out not possible to achieve - I tried on a country run.  My G55, now thats horrible - its about 22/100 but its hampered by a 5 speed due to the power of the thing preventing the 7 speeds being mated to it. I therefore dont think the 6.9 is actually that bad in the scheme of it.  I dont think people who get a V8 are generally deterred by fuel price - we knew what we were in for!

what could be interesting, is will 3d printing possibly enable some bits to be made by average Joe.  in my work, I get custom titanium pieces made for very wouldn't think its outside the realms of possibility.
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s class

My red AMG 6.9 is close to being a daily driver.  I use it a few times a week for school runs etc.  It shares dummies about 50/50 with the W202.  And yes fuel consumption is terrible.

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I recently read that there are about 150 Mercedes 6.9s registered in Germany. This means that the vehicles must have passed the TÜV test and be registered, so they are roadworthy.

In the VHD association 89 vehicles are registered. Greetings
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