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how is this possible ac compressor but no ac control

Started by w116john, 24 November 2023, 04:04 AM


hi all

always on the look out for a w116 as i no longer have one. i saw this one and its a good looking car, but the engine bay has an AC compressor? but it has no AC control on the console just the heater control.
 very curious



Either the console has been swapped out and behind it lives a den of problems and intrigue or: it was an aftermarket  aircon and the evaporator etc sat under the passenger's side of the dash. This would require the removal of the carpeted "under panel".  With this type of retrofit, all the aircon controls are built into the front of the evaporator.


hadn't thought of the aftermarket option, if not a lot of issues behind that console.

i emailed him early in the week but no word back yet.

all the best