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Re: Greetings from Indonesia
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Oh, it's an equally near-impossible task when in Taiwan as well, or I would have done it long time ago. There isn't even a way to bring your car with you into Taiwan, as a foreigner, without completing a full, non-reversible import procedure. Export-and-re-import is even more vague complication, and that is not even considering the paper drama when shipping a naked chassis and 4 pallets of parts to Indonesia, hoping to be shipping an assembled car back under the same paperwork, all the while relying on all Indo AND Customs fees to be waved and avoided. Then there's shipping costs..2-3000usd, 2-way. What am I even thinking of..

That's quite some bureaucracy to get through ;D, I'm pretty sure timing and paperwork will be the biggest issue when dealing with importing to Indonesia.