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greetings from a newbie

Started by davestlouis, 09 May 2006, 09:31 PM

s class

I assume you are talking about K-jet on the 280SE?  The cold start valve looks basically the same as the other injectors, but is a bit fatter and also has a 2-pin electrical pin on top.  It is located on top of the inlet manifold and is fed from a metal tube coming from the side of the  fuel distributor.  Maybe another poster here has a picture. 

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I damn near got the 280SE to start on its own tonight...I'm getting there, finally.  This week's other MB-related activities include:
1. new driver's window motor on the 420SEL, $135 my cost, free labor
2. repainted air cleaner housing for the 450SE, satin black, $3.79 for the paint, had the other materials around the house.
3. if I get energetic this evening, I'm going to try to polish the air cleaner lid on the 560SL.
4. bidding on 2 108-body cars on ebay, and a nasty, worn out Volvo 240 wagon that would be neat to have as a parts-hauler/wheelbarrow.