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Goodbye to an old friend.

Started by SuitGuy, 09 March 2024, 05:59 PM


I bought my 1980 300SD in June of 2021 at 185k miles for $3,250. Not long after, I joined this forum to learn more about my car, the maintenance, and for the comradery. After two years of joys and frustrations, the car no longer meets my needs. I plan to trade it in for a more recent car.

One of my fondest memories was taking the car on a road trip to Paduka, KY. Originally, we were going to take my fiancé's Camry, but a leaky return line put it in the shop. So, bags packed, we drove to Paduka in the 300SD. Along the way we rocked out to local radio stations, singing along to Happy Boy by the Beat Farmers and White Wedding by Billy Idol. That had been the longest trip I'd ever taken the car on, 12 hours of driving in two days. And the car chugged along, happy as can be. The only casualty was a sore bum from the seats.

I've put a lot of work into the car, and I feel every busted knuckle was worth it. This car has served me well, and I hope its next owner respects the car as much as I have. Attached is a picture of Edelweiss at her finest.

Goodbye, old girl. May He keep you in the hollow of His hands.
Beige 1980 300SD


Nice story, and car.  I had to google, now I know why Happy Boy was not part of my memory.  But I did  like Billy Idol.
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They usually pay us back with great stories like that you described when we treat them well.
I admire your courage to separate from her.
I've lost that ability decades ago.
Every time I buy one it's fixed and it becomes part of the family.
Are you sure that return line issue with the Camry was a coincidence?
I bet both cars discussed that the night before the road trip.
And now we know who won that argument... :)