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Funny story

Started by thysonsacclaim, 06 August 2010, 11:35 PM


Whilst at the automotive store to pick up 10 quarts of 20W-50 and a filter, the guys were shocked on the amount of oil I was buying. That brought up the discussion of what sort of car it was going in to, to which I hastily said a '74 Mercedes.

On that note, a fellow behind me getting a gasket for his sport bike went on about a story about one. He said his brother had a 70s era Mercedes at one time, not sure what model. In any case, he went on about the glories of the vehicle and how well made they are, how smooth a ride.

Apparently, his brother was driving on the highways here, which are generally 60-70 MPH (~96-112 KPH) and was struck buy an 18-wheeler. The collision wasn't pretty, but he came out unscathed... apparently due to the fine engineering of the vehicle.

So while these cars aren't as popular here (I rarely see them, usually see old Beemers/American Muscle Cars), they still have quite the reputation!

That said, I shan't test my car versus a tractor-trailer anytime soon.